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Wood Planks
Первое появление Pre 0.0.9a
Tип блока Solid Block
Используемый инструмент Деревянный топор
Data Values Hex: 05
Obeys Physics?
No mark
No mark
Wood Planks are the easiest non-natural block to obtain during the beginning of a world, they can be created by putting a block or more of wood in the crafting grid. When that is done, four wood planks are given per piece of wood. It appears as a series of interconnected planks. It is good for creating a support style for buildings and also making huts and shacks. Wood planks are a renewable resource. Despite being easily burnt down, wood is easy to obtain in biomes where trees can be found and thus useful as a building material. Recently in 1.8, players can now spawn it in creative mode and have wood.

Naturally generated wood planks can be found in Abandoned Mine Shafts, Villages and Swamp Huts. Oak wood planks are used in Villages and Mineshafts, and pine planks are seen in swamp huts. As of 1.3.1, Wood Planks are a content of Bonus Chests, for a quicker start in Survival Mode.


Wooden plank set

There are 4 different colors as of 1.2.4., and every type of Plank has the same texture on all of its six sides.


Wood planks have a wide array of uses. They are good for giving buildings and homes a cabin-like appearance. They're the essential material to making the most basic of tools as well. Aside from tools, however, wood is a vital material to those beginning the game and attempting to survive. Other uses for wood include: Sticks, signs, doors, pressure plates, slabs, pistons, crafting tables, chests, stairs, bowls, boats, fence (indirectly; fence is crafted from sticks only), jukebox, Note Blocks, bookshelf, beds, and fuel for furnaces, providing 1 1/3 blocks of smelting. It is not advised to have a fireplace unless you can be assured that your wooden house will not burn down. Try putting non-flammable blocks around your fire area.


Crafting GUI.png



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